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WyoFarms Composting is currently offering a special deal for FREE drop-off residential composting!  If you purchase $20 or more of Haderlie Farms food items on FarmMatch you will receive a $4.75 credit to your account for composting services.  Having you use our composting services and purchase our food items helps us acheive our goal of operating a local “closed loop composting system“.

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Composting Benefits

  • Save money by using fewer trash bags
  • Say goodbye to stinky, drippy trash
  • Support your local farmer
  • Sustain the environment
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Did you know that a third of the food scraps generated in the United States come from homes?

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Food should be sacred, because food is life. With WyoFarm Composting we no longer have food waste, but rather the ingredients for healthy soil to continue the circle of life. WyoFarm makes it so easy to do the right thing from purchasing local produce, which allows use to nourish our community, to composting which will enrich the soil and earth.

Paul Cucch, Hand Fire Pizza
Häagen-Dazs began composting this past summer. One more step for us in becoming more sustainable as a small business. WyoFarms Composting makes it very easy to compost. They brought us a container and it is emptied every week.
Kris Shean, Häagen-Dazs
Haderlie Farms has helped the hospital achieve a higher diversion rate, decrease our carbon footprint and save money over landfilling non-edible food waste.
Lisa Smith, Sustainability Coordinator, St. John's Medical Center
We love using the WyoFarm Composting at Roadhouse Brewing Co. because it’s a convenient way to remove our spent grain as a brewery and be sustainable to the environment.  It’s an all around win for everyone!  We will continue being a part of this great relationship and doing our part to preserve Mother Earth.
Mike Agricola, Roadhouse Brewing Company
So easy and convenient! It really cuts down on the amount of trash we send to the landfill. The screw-on lid for the bucket keeps things tidy and odor-free too.
Mike DeLange

Oink, oink.

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